About Us

Black Tie Video/Films … simply exceptional.
Since 1986…we have been creating art in motion.

When you are what you claim to be, do what you claim to do and deliver with perfection, you become credible, respected and desired.
When you wake up every day and love what you do; it is essentially not work.
We are a team of expertly trained video artists, editors and producers, blended with compassionate customer service that bonds both clients and artists to work together as family
Black Tie Video has set the standards, raised the bar and exceeded all expectations of what people thought possible video could be.
You are unique; your wedding reflects this in one special day.

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Black Tie Video/Film captures your uniqueness. We capture the emotions, the essence and ultimately the “magic “of your day!

This does not just “happen” it is created.

It is during our editing process that all the “magic” is created and it is because of our talent and experience that all this is possible.
From the artists behind the camera to the creativity and visions of the editors… you will fall in love with your video and truly value your beautiful peace of history “captured” forever, to share with generations to come.

We thank you for your interest in Black Tie Video/Films and encourage you to meet with us at our studio for complete details.

Please contact us for a full description of our packages and pricing information.

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